Top Low-Cost and No-Cost Traffic Sources

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As an Internet Marketer who spends nearly nothing on advertising, I pride myself on utilizing only the most effective low-cost and no-cost traffic sources online. Over the next few days I’ll share some of my best traffic resources with you.

Over the next few days I’d like to share my top traffic sources with you so you can try them in your business. These traffic strategies drive thousands of visitors a week to my site and I know they can work for your site too.

One note before you read this series…

If there’s one thing you need to understand about website traffic, it is this… It’s not the volume of traffic that supports a web business, it is the QUALITY of the traffic. Keep this in mind as you read the list below, and more importantly, as you setup your own traffic sources online.

Traffic Source #1: Joint Venture Partners

What is a joint venture partner?

Simply put, it is a business in the same or a related niche as yours, that agrees to promote your products or services. In most cases, you in turn, promote their products or services. Hence the name, joint venture.

The last couple years I’ve taken a more pro-active approach to teaming up with related businesses in joint ventures. The results have been phenomenal. Not only have I seen a sharp increase in sales, I forged new alliances with some of the web’s top marketing companies. These relationships invariably result in increased profits not only this year, but for years to come.

So what do YOU need to start profiting from joint ventures at your website?

A. a product or service of your own.

B. an affiliate program management solution

C. A system for contacting potential JV partners on a regular basis

If you have all three of those items or can get them, and you’re not doing joint ventures in your business, what are you waiting for? This is the top traffic and sales strategy for many companies on the web. It can work for any business including yours.

I will be back in a couple of days with another great traffic generation tip.

To Your Success,

Rob Willis

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