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Magic Banner Bot

March 7th, 2010

Every once in a while you come across a piece of software that is worth writting about.Magic Banner Bot

Such is the case with Magic Banner Bot. A fantastic piece of software that gives you the ability to link to any site on the internet and then have your own banners linking back to your own site or affiliate link.

For example if  you select this link that will take you to Google, you will notice I have a floating banner on the screen with a link to one of my sites on it.

It is possble to have your Banner appear just about anywhere on the screen simply by selecting Left, right, top or botom when configuring your banner.

Do you use blogging, twitter, social networking sites or article marketing to promote your business?

More and more people are discovering the marketing power of these web 2.0 solutions.

But they do have one big drawback: You must build and maintain credibility with your visitors, followers or friends.

This means you cannot just promote your own products and affiliate links all the time. You need to discuss other things in your chosen niche, including discussing interesting websites.

So you end up linking to and promoting other people’s websites – without getting paid anything for doing it.

Until now, this was just the price you paid for using web 2.0 solutions to promote your business.

But now there’s a powerful alternative, in the form of our new Magic Banner Bot.

With this software, you can make money whenever you link to or promote someone else’s website, even if the site has no affiliate program and no commercial content at all.

If you write Articles, or use Social netorks such as Twitter or Facebook, people soon get the impression that you are always trying to sell them something. However with Magic Banner Bot, you can now start adding content and redirect people to someone elses page via your link, which will in turn have your banner on their site. Pretty cool hey! (This is also a sneaky way to promote products in forums.)

For a closer look and some more examples head over to Magic Banner Bot at the Perfect Money Makers to check it out.

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