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The Passing Of A Legend

December 8th, 2009

The Passing of a Legend

Jim Rohn, a treasured mentor & teacher, passed away Saturday, December 5, 2009.

For nearly 50 years Jim traveled the world and inspired the people he came in contact with. I loved how unique Jim was. He always had a very unique take on something that we had heard many times before. He could always get a new nugget out of an old truth. No one set the standard of excellence higher than Jim, and his unique ability to transmit complex ideas into easy-to-understand actions is without peer. His mortal life may have transitioned, however his message, his contribution, his works, his integrity and humility are immortal. His voice will be heard for generations to come.

He raised the bar in our industry to an incredible level, never having to tout or promote his works from the platform. His lessons sold themselves. He never sought fame nor material riches. He was, is and will always be one of the world’s most authentic and valuable teachers in how to live successfully.

Jim Rohn touched millions of lives over the past 46 years through his seminars, books, articles and CDs. He was known to stay long after an event, shaking hands, taking pictures and signing autographs. He loved making a difference in people’s lives—that was his passion and inspiration. Yet he was also a private man who kept a small, loyal and caring inner circle. He was a tremendous friend to those who knew him.

Harold Dyke, long-time close friend of Jim’s for over 55 years, said it best, “As Jim is ending one life, he is simultaneously being birthed into a new life, one that he has talked about over the years and anticipated with great joy in his last days.”

Kyle Wilson, long-time colleague and friend of Jim, had this to say about his mentor: “Jim Rohn was a great human being. Jim had the rare ability to take any concept or idea and then frame it in such a way that the rest of us could see it more clearly. His wisdom and insights positively affected everyone he touched on some level and to so many of us it was in an extraordinary way. But even more impressive was Jim Rohn the man. He possessed style and charisma, yet was humble, kind and understated to all who knew him. I find myself every day reflecting, benefiting from and passing on the wisdom and ideas that are rooted in Jim’s message and wisdom. Jim is irreplaceable on every level. I will miss him beyond words, but am comforted as I know he was, that his message and legacy will live on and positively change millions of lives over the years to come!”

Someone once said, “When you are born, you enter the world crying while everyone else is rejoicing, and when you die, hopefully, you have lived such a life that everyone will be crying while you are rejoicing.” Jim Rohn lived such a life.

Darren Hardy, dedicated student and Jim Rohn protégé for more than 15 years, said of Jim, “He was the most influential man in my life, second only to my father. Jim cemented my philosophical foundation and nourished my mind with ideas and ambitions never before imagined. He chiseled my character seminar by seminar, tape by tape, book by book, then CD by CD, hour by hour. Jim emboldened my belief, in me and in my most daring dreams. When I fell and was bloodied, he was there with encouraging words to help me get back up. When I didn’t think I could go on, Jim convinced me I was stronger than I imagined. When I wanted a shortcut, he reminded me there aren’t any. Even when I got too caught up in trying to achieve and succeed, Jim compelled me to leave room to live, to laugh and to love.”

Stuart Johnson, business associate and long-time admirer, said, “I was first introduced to the philosophies and teachings of Jim Rohn almost 25 years ago. And he made an immediate impression on me. I was amazed by how this modest and unassuming man could communicate such an extraordinarily powerful message in simple and straightforward terms. In person, one-on-one, he was as humble and down-to-earth as he was in front of an audience of thousands. I will treasure my personal memories of Jim and know that I will forever benefit from the wisdom of this remarkable man.”

There will be a private funeral held in the coming days. Plans and details are also being arranged for a Public Memorial Service to be held in the Los Angeles area in the near future. Details will be announced upon final confirmation at the Jim Rohn Tribute Site, where you will also find a special tribute to Jim. You are also encouraged to post your thoughts and remembrances of Jim on the Memorial Wall.

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