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Complete Guide to Website Building

June 5th, 2010

I have some amazing news that is going to transform the way tens of
thousands of people do business online.

This is truly a momentous moment.

I want to tell you about a new course that’s promising to open the
world of website design training right up – and inexpensively, too.

The product’s called “The Complete Guide To Website Building” and it’s
from a good friend of mine, Paul Smithson – the guy responsible for
XSitePro, the well-respected, award-winning website design software.

His new course is a monster… it’s HUGE!!!

In total it is OVER 30 HOURS long and goes way beyond just building
web sites. You’ll find everything from how to research your niche,
through to building a list, adding a payment system to a web site and
LOTS more.

There are 26 modules in total and these are made up of:

– over-the-shoulder demonstrations that lead you by the hand every step
of the way.
– interactive illustrations that help you to expand your knowledge.
– classroom style lessons that you can watch again and again.
– quizzes.
– homework assigments.

This really is the whole enchilada and then some 🙂


It’s principally aimed at people who are newer to Web site design, so
perhaps people who have:

* Tried creating sites with other products like FrontPage,
Dreamweaver, ExpressionWeb or SiteBuildIt only to end up giving up out
of sheer frustration.

* Outsourced their web site building up to now.

* Or maybe haven’t even tried creating a site before at all.

The promise backing the course is as large as the course itself.

Talking to Paul, he tells me he’s going to *personally guarantee* that
the course will deliver ALL the skills you need to create professional
quality websites, with a straight 365 day refund guarantee.

So far so good. What about price?

You’ll often see similar courses retailing well into four figures (and
for good reason too – this sort of course takes many months to plan
and develop, and they’re definitely not cheap to create) but for some
inexplicable reason, Paul’s only asking for $197 for the first 1000 to
sign-up and then the price shoots up to $297. So don’t procrastinate.

But remember, this is the first time Paul has made this available so I
have a feeling once he sees the demand he might want to rethink that
pricing completely! It is DEFINITELY worth a LOT more!

Here’s the link to find out more:

So if you want to kickstart your online empire right now and master
the art of website building head straight over to the link above and
check it out. I am sure you’ll be VERY impressed as Paul doesn’t do
things by half.

To Your Success,

Rob Willis



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