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AMized Fusion Technology

October 23rd, 2010

AMized Fusion Technology is Amega’s proprietary technology solely developed by Amega Global Research & Development Team, comprising a group of scientists, doctors and physicists.  It is a resonance technology developed over a period of 15 years of research applying the principles of Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics.

As in the homeostasis condition, our body’s Bio-energy field can automatically access the Zero-Point Life Force Energy from the environment and restore the energy deficiency bringing all aspects (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) into harmony.

Our body’s own natural intelligence can channel the life force energy received to the points where it is needed most and when administered over a period of time.  It aids cell rejuvenation and enhances our inner vitality.  It aids immunity by cleansing, charging and rejuvenating our body cells, thus it aids age reversal, promotes healthy cells and expels disease.

A futuristic tool.  The Amega Wand is filled with a special combination of granulated minerals processed using proprietary AMized Fusion Technology® to resonate at Zero Point Energy. This helps the body source the universal life force energy which our body needs,  DNA picks up the quantum potential for healing from the zero point field.  The diseased pattern can then be reversed.

AMized Fusion Technology

AMized Fusion Technology is a proprietary process which alters the molecular structure, thereby changing matter to resonate a zero-point vibrational life force energy called AMized resonance.

This healing energy, that our body immediately accesses, is used to balance the flow of energy in the body.  It brings our mental, emotional, and physical states into harmony.  The AMized resonance produces life force energy which is natural, long-lasting, and aligned with our body’s frequency.

The energy is channeled to those points where it is needed most.  When administered over a period of time, it aids cell rejuvenation and enhances our inner vitality and immunity.  All this is accomplished by cleansing, charging and rejuvenating our cells.  Thus it aids reversal, promotes healthy cells, and expels diseases.

With the application of AMized Fusion Technology normal tap water can be restored to its original structure and to resonate Zero-Point energy, which has a tremendously positive effect on our body.
Normal tap water is unstructured and has little or no photon reflection.
Energized water shows an increased photon reflection and a more complex cluster structure.  The increased photon reflection also has positive effects on the metabolism of the body.

With the application of AMized Technology, any matter: organic extract, stone, metal, or any other substance would be processed with sourced life force energy.

In order to remain youthful, active, and diseased-free, we need energy.  Our AMized Fusion Technology process produces the life force energy that our body needs most.  With the AMization, our cells are nourished with pure life force energy which increases the energy level of all cells.  This results in all organs and organ systems functioning at their optimum performance levels.  With the increase of energy levels, our body is able to “repair” or “heal” itself if there are any deficiencies.

For more information on Amega Global, and the Brian Tracy International Team visit

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