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July 24th, 2009 by Rob Willis Leave a reply »

1054196__sign-150x150A popular way to communicate with customers used by people is the use of email. Informing clients about your products and services aswell as marketing promotions are only some of the ways you can use email. E-Mails can also contain branding with logos or tag lines, and they can also offer direct response tools like reply links, e-mail addresses, telephone or fax numbers.

A skillfuly written e-mail will be better received, these skills can be learned. The syntax in the body of your email as well as the tone of speech, should be the prime focus when writting.

Below are some points which should be considered when composing your e-mail.

– The subject line must be interesting, encouraging the recipient to want to open the e-mail and read more.

– A brief subject line will get better results.

– The senders details must be included to comply with spamming laws.Using your favourite search engine, perform a search to check spamcorp or another “anti-spam” sites.

– Develop the body of the e-mail; Be sure to include a good introduction, followed by well constructed paragraphs]. Avoid hype and misleading your audience.

– Be sure to check your email for spelling and grammatical errors. In addition do not “shout” that is use all capital letters.

– Read e-mails that your receive. Practice writting emails that you would like to get and sharpen your communication skills.

Do like the Boy Scouts and “Be Prepared” when e-mail message.Prepare with a few marketing utilities to use in advance as follows.

Marketing Tools.

Folder – Get in the habit of recording and ideas you may have for future e-mail marketing promotions and keep these in a file either on your computer or as a physical file.Save your favorite emails you receive from others too, for inspiration. You can create your own original e-mails, by using these as a template .

Headlines – Create a Microsoft Word or text document to store your best headlines and ideas for future headlines.

PS – Most gurus believe that your visitors will head straight to the PS area first. So, keep your favourite Postscript remark; special sales; givaways, etc.

Guarantee – The same with guarantees. Think about the guarantees on the items that you have bought recently! Use these to begin with.

Reference Guides – Use tools such as or a favoriite encyclopidia marked as a favourites folder on your computer. Perhaps keep physical copies nearby also.

The correct bunch of marketing tools, will assist you to “Be Prepared” too. Your next terriffic e-mail marketing campaign begins when you begin to compile your marketing ammunition!

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  1. Paul Wilson says:

    Hi Rob,

    Another Great post, and some great ideas!

    Keep in touch my friend.

    .-= Paul Wilson´s last blog ..Module 3 with Alex Jeffreys and where I am right now =-.

  2. David Walker says:

    Hey Rob,

    This is a great list. Email marketing is not really a strong point of mine but I am trying to learn fast.

    That’s a great tip about the PS area, I had not heard of that before.

    Keep in touch.

    .-= David Walker´s last blog ..Progress Update 24 July 2009 =-.

  3. Mark Terrell says:

    Hi Rob,

    Mark here, a fellow student on Alex Jeffreys course.

    Nice looking blog, also great tips and advice for any newbie wanting to make money online.

    If you get a moment take a look at my first welcome video on my blog and leave a comment to let me know what you think.

    Keep in touch.

    Mark Terrell

  4. Matt Wolfe says:

    Hey Rob,
    Great stuff about e-mail marketing. E-mail marketing to me has been frustrating lately. I can’t figure out why people unsubscribe. I have only sent out helpful follow up letters with good free information and people still unsubscribe. I don’t get it. My last e-mail was just a helpful message about how to decide what to blog about. It didn’t even have any links in the e-mail… It was just good suggestions. I had 4 unsubscribes after that follow-up went out. It makes no sense to me. Great post though. I just need to better understand e-mail marketing. I suppose you will just always get some unsubscribes no matter what you are writing about…

    .-= Matt Wolfe´s last blog ..How I’ve Done What I’ve Done =-.

  5. David Boer says:

    Likely will come back again taking you feeds also, Many thanks.

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