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Congratulations to Anik Singal and his company Lurn.
Inc magazine just announced Lurn, Inc to be one of the fastest 500
growing Private companies in the US.

#216 to be exact :)

Better yet they are the SECOND fastest growing education company!

Honestly…sit down for a few minutes and read this, it’ll tell you
exactly how *BIG* affiliate marketing is getting and how it changed
Anik’s life. More importantly how it can change yours.

6 years ago Anik had $100 in his pocket – he won it in a super bowl
game (by guessing the right score).

That was the $100 he used to buy his first domain name and hosting.
He quickly started learning…

– Copywriting
– Forum Marketing
– Article Marketing
– Blogging
– etc…

He was still in college and his goal was to make at least $10,000 a
month so he didn’t have to get a *real* job.

He tells the details of his story here:

Initially…he tried to do it by launching his own product on Clickbank
and BOY did he struggle. For an entire year, he didn’t make a penny.
He spent most of what he had and was very down and out…

In Comes Affiliate Marketing…

Thank goodness someone introduced him to affiliate marketing because
everything FINALLY clicked after over a year of failure after failure…

Long story short…the FIRST night he REALLY tried affiliate marketing
(after over a year of learning internet marketing) – he made $300 in
5 hours while he SLEPT!!

60 Days later…he had made over $10,456…

90 Days later…he was making more than his college professors…

6 months later…he would never *work* again

6 years later…his company would be named one of the fastest growing
companies in the U.S.! (and in one of the worst economies ever).

Who would have thought!

$1.7 Million Later…

In just a few short years he went to make over
$1.7 Million as an affiliate marketer.

I’m not lying! Check out some of the income proof here:

Then, when he got so busy at Lurn and didn’t have that much time for
affiliate marketing…

Well…he STILL made another $1.4 Million as an affiliate marketer!
Fast forward today and his company is set to do $10 Million this year.

He started ALL of this with just $100! He would be NO WHERE today if
it was not for affiliate marketing…

But It Took him a YEAR To Lurn!

Over a year of constant failing before he made anything. Then it took him
months more to break into the “6-Figure” – he started Affiliate Classroom
specifically to make sure “you” never have to go through that!

He knew when he set-up Affiliate Classroom, he had to show people how to
get the right information, at the right time.

It wasn’t easy to put the pieces together, but after de-constructing his
learning curve, he discovered the pattern!

That’s why Affiliate Classroom has become THE ultimate shortcut for going
from ground ZERO to a cash-pulling affiliate in the shortest time possible.

You get the benefit of years of frustration and heartache he went through!

And the best part is, you get to find out if this is everything I said it
was for a measly $1.

Look, I know some people on the web will tell you you can make a million
in your underwear…while you sleep.

Well, that’s only partly true.
What they DON’T tell you is it’s going to take a little time!

But hey, I’ve seen students go from losing money to making as much as $7,300
a month in just 90 days!

Seriously, 90 days? Would having the right training, tools and support for
90 days be pretty darn fast?

You can find out yourself. I’m sure you’d rather take 90 days and KNOW it
would happen than chase another “Magic Pill” that promises you “instant riches.”

By now…you’ve gotta be smarter than that! Go check out Affiliate Classroom 2.0
and get your account. I know it’s’ THE shortcut you’ve been looking for.

I filmed his story a year and a half ago. Anik is the real deal.

If he didn’t do things RIGHT…he never would have been included in the Inc. 500.

There’s a reason Lurn is the second FASTEST growing education company in the
country right now…



That’s what their students are making now. These are HARD facts.

It’s only $1 to give it a shot. Let me PROVE it to you.


Because I can GUARANTEE this is the best resource you’ll ever see on affiliate marketing.
Affiliate Classroom IS the short-cut you’ve been looking for and you WILL see results
if you just do the step by step plan they put together…

Just $1 to give it a spin!

Anik’s stuff works.

Now go out and become legendary. Who knows 6 years from now your company could be
listed as one of Inc’s fastest growing privately held companies.

To Your Success,


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