Efficient Time Management In 5 Simple Steps

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Being master of our own life and time is attainable, simply by aquiring and practicing 5 time management skills.Of course, these have to be learnt and improved over time, but you really have to start with the basics in order to make your planning useful and accurate. The first step for success is preparing a simple to do list and ranking your tasks in terms of importance, but there are other aspects that you need to think about as well.

Estimating with reasonable accuracy how much your planned tasks will take you, is something that you have to do. To master this particular time management technique, all you require is to use a simple activity log. You will be able to assign your time better, if you begin writing down how much time all of your normal work and daily jobs take you, and it will also help you to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. This will also assist you in identifying your priority tasks.

Consider procrastination as if it were the plague – avoid it at all costs. Conquering this skill is probably the most important. Normally most of us procrastinate simply due to fear of failure or lack of inspiration. You must understand why you are procrastinating and do whatever you can to overcome this problem.It is a good idea to set a reward for completing a task you are procrastinating about. Think about al of the negative results of not doing the assignment at all, and you will get motivated in no time.

Another of the indispensable time management techiques that you need to master, is that of Motivation. Identifying your own motivation is an absolute necessity, you cannot rely on others to constantly be there to encourage you. Use whatever approach it takes to motivate yourself. Having a positive mindset will allow you complete even the most daunting of jobs.

Stress Management is another important skill you should learn. If things don’t go the way you have thought, stop and turn to your source of motivation. To avoid stressful situations, you might also want to allow more flexibility in your plan.

Another time management skill to master is to arrange your home life. You can improve all the other important techniques such as stress management and motivation, simply by allocating some time just for yourself.

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