Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin!

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Sometimes I feel like the last bit of butter on a piece of dry toast… Spread just that little bit too thin…

As an Internet Marketer, it is important that we do not get this way. We need to plan our days, and don’t let too many distractions get in our way, else we will soon get discouraged and frustrated by our lack of progress.

The best way I find to overcome this issue is to go back to basics. Simply write a list of things to do, Prioritise them, and then start working on my most important task. See my previous post “Simplify & Prioritise”.

It is also very easy to get overwhelmed if you have got too many projects on the go at once. We often try to get too much done at the same time, that we never end up completing any of them, and if we do, the quality of our work has been compromised.

I once heard a story about Ivy Lee (The father of Modern Public Relations, 1877 – 1934), where he asked to help a company with some Time Management issues.
You see this company was having an issue with completing projects on time with few mistakes.
Ivy Lee sat down with the Company Director, and told him to take out a piece of paper and write his top six most important tasks. He wes then told to prioritise his list, from most important to least important.
Ivy Lee then told the Company Director to work on task number one, and stick with that task until compeleted, once completed he could move onto task two.
Ivy said that if the director could not get his tasks completed more efficiently this way, he would not complete them any other way.
If anything was left on the list at the end of the day, simply transfer these to a new list the following day and add new tasks to bring the list back to 6 items.

The whole process took about 20 minutes. Ivy Lee thanked the Director for his time and left telling the director to use this system for a couple of weeks, and then send him a check for what he thought the idea was worth.
A few weeks later, the director set Ivy Lee a note saying this was the best Time Management tip he had aver received and he had managed to get more done in the ast few weeks than he he managed to get done in months, he had also rolled out the process to the rest of his compamy. The director also included with the note a check for $25,000.

This one Time Management tip also works for me. I have used it to get more done in my day than I ever would any other way.

Admittedly, some tasked cannot be completed, due to external factors, in which case I put the task aside and start working on the next task. When I am able to complete the first task, I make it a priority to work on it again after I finish my current task.

Also, eliminate distrations! When you are working on a particular project and you need to focus, turn off your phone and stop checking your emails. These two things can be two of the biggest time wasters every invented.

Very often we use our phone and email as a way to procrastinate over a particular task. We make excuses, that we are checking to see if we made any sales, of if someone joined our mailing list, etc. Well guess what, if you do make a sale, or if someone has joined your mailing list, they will still be there when you check later during your time set aside for email.

By taking just a few simply steps, it is possible to bring some order back into your life, and at the same time achieve so much more.

To Your Success,


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