A New Beginning

February 1st, 2010 by Rob Willis Leave a reply »

Well it is now official!!

As of today, I start my new adventure as a full time Internet Marketer.

Of course as I step into this new venture, I have mixed emotions. Fear, Trepidation, Excitement, Relief. However, I am not going to let anything get in my way to making this work.

Now I understand, that in and of itself, Internet Marketing is also a job, however it is a job that you can do from anywhere, as long as you have a computer and an Internet connection.

Also, I understand that in the early days/months of Internet Marketing, there is a lot of work in putting down your foundations and creating products. However in the long run, not as the amount of effort required to make money in this arena, becomes less and less (if you do the right things, on a consistent basis).

There is however the need to treat this as a job in the early stages. Make sure that you put in the time to make it all work.

I know working from home can be very distracting, especially when your work involves the Internet. It is so easy to be sidetracked by email, Facebook, Twitter, and other web sites. All of these are important, but if they are not done in a controlled manner, you will find that they will simply stop you from doing any real work that will ultimately make you the money that we all want to be making.

This is why, the first product that I have created & am launching here today is the “Time Management Mindset“.

You see, as an Internet Marketer, we need to manage our time more effectively than those that have jobs. In a job, you have a boss that usually makes sure that you are getting your work done. But as an Internet Marketer, you only really have yourself. So at all times you must make sure that you are doing the most profitable task at any one time.

Sometimes, the most important task will be to spend 30 minutes on Twitter or Facebook. Other times you should be in the forums, asking questions and helping others. Or you might be answering emails, and responding to support requests. Or most importantly spending time your time with family & friends.

You see without a proper Time Management Plan, our priorities can get all screwed up. We start to spend Major Time on Minor Things, and of course, Minor Time on Major Things.

So if you are interested, I invite you to visit my latest site; The Time Management Mindset.

To Your Success,

Rob Willis

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  1. Heidi Passey says:

    Hi Rob,

    I’m going to check out your Time Management Mindset. Keeping focused is something I definitely need to work on. I have a hard time staying focused on the job to be done at home. My distractions tend to be checking email, facebook … and my dog. Every 10 minutes she comes in with a different toy wanting to play. LOL

    Thanks, Heidi
    .-= Heidi Passey´s last blog ..What is a Profit Pulling Platform? =-.

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