A Fresh View of Affiliate Marketing

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As an Internet Marketer, we have all at some time tried our hand at Affiliate Marketing, where we promote someone else’s product and we in turn get a commission for the sale. And sometimes if we promote a membership site, we will get an ongoing commission each month, while our referral stays a member of that site.

One of the biggest problems that we have all had with traditional Affiliate Marketing, is when our prospect sees the product we are promoting is through Clickbank or perhaps Amazon or one of many other affiliate programs, they sometimes use their own affiliate ID to complete the sale in an attempt to get the product at a cheaper price, and in the process stealing our affiliate commissions.

Now another form of Affiliate Marketing is when you refer someone to a product, and they in turn buy the product and you get the commission… But it doesn’t stop there. The person you have sold to product to is given the opportunity to also become an affiliate, and then when they sell the product, not only does he get a commission, but you also get a commission from his sale. This is often referred to as 2-Tier Affiliate Marketing.

The great thing about 2-Tier Affiliate Marketing is a prospect must purchase it from a person who has also purchased the product themselves.

Now how about we take that same concept, and add a few more tiers. This is where it gets interesting, but unfortunately most Internet Marketers don’t do this, because you are now bordering on what is known as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing.

Now, when you think about it isn’t MLM just another form of Affiliate Marketing? You still promote a product, and when you make the sale you get a commission. You then have a killer upsell to promote to your client. The opportunity for him to be able to promote and sell the product and in doing so you get a commission not only on the MLM registration fee, but also on any products & memberships that your client manages to sell.

Now I know that over the years MLM has gotten a bad reputation, with some of the pushy tactics that some companies undertake. However, if you as an Internet Marketer promoted MLM as you would any other Affiliate program that would make you stand out on any MLM organisation.

And one of the best things is many Internet Marketers already have a decent mailing list of trusted followers that they can promote their new products to. The other great thing is most MLM companies have more than just one product that you can promote to your list again and again.

And of course the biggest advantage that Internet Marketers have over the regular Network Marketer is we know how to use the internet. We know how to get traffic, we know about Article Marketing & Forum Marketing. We know how to build a blog following, so getting clients to your new business should be a breeze.

So next time you here of a MLM opportunity, don’t simply write it off. Think of it in terms of an Affiliate Marketing Opportunity.

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