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AMized Fusion Technology

October 23rd, 2010

AMized Fusion Technology is Amega’s proprietary technology solely developed by Amega Global Research & Development Team, comprising a group of scientists, doctors and physicists.  It is a resonance technology developed over a period of 15 years of research applying the principles of Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics.

As in the homeostasis condition, our body’s Bio-energy field can automatically access the Zero-Point Life Force Energy from the environment and restore the energy deficiency bringing all aspects (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) into harmony.

Our body’s own natural intelligence can channel the life force energy received to the points where it is needed most and when administered over a period of time.  It aids cell rejuvenation and enhances our inner vitality.  It aids immunity by cleansing, charging and rejuvenating our body cells, thus it aids age reversal, promotes healthy cells and expels disease.

A futuristic tool.  The Amega Wand is filled with a special combination of granulated minerals processed using proprietary AMized Fusion Technology® to resonate at Zero Point Energy. This helps the body source the universal life force energy which our body needs,  DNA picks up the quantum potential for healing from the zero point field.  The diseased pattern can then be reversed.

AMized Fusion Technology

AMized Fusion Technology is a proprietary process which alters the molecular structure, thereby changing matter to resonate a zero-point vibrational life force energy called AMized resonance.

This healing energy, that our body immediately accesses, is used to balance the flow of energy in the body.  It brings our mental, emotional, and physical states into harmony.  The AMized resonance produces life force energy which is natural, long-lasting, and aligned with our body’s frequency.

The energy is channeled to those points where it is needed most.  When administered over a period of time, it aids cell rejuvenation and enhances our inner vitality and immunity.  All this is accomplished by cleansing, charging and rejuvenating our cells.  Thus it aids reversal, promotes healthy cells, and expels diseases.

With the application of AMized Fusion Technology normal tap water can be restored to its original structure and to resonate Zero-Point energy, which has a tremendously positive effect on our body.
Normal tap water is unstructured and has little or no photon reflection.
Energized water shows an increased photon reflection and a more complex cluster structure.  The increased photon reflection also has positive effects on the metabolism of the body.

With the application of AMized Technology, any matter: organic extract, stone, metal, or any other substance would be processed with sourced life force energy.

In order to remain youthful, active, and diseased-free, we need energy.  Our AMized Fusion Technology process produces the life force energy that our body needs most.  With the AMization, our cells are nourished with pure life force energy which increases the energy level of all cells.  This results in all organs and organ systems functioning at their optimum performance levels.  With the increase of energy levels, our body is able to “repair” or “heal” itself if there are any deficiencies.

For more information on Amega Global, and the Brian Tracy International Team visit

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Ways To Target Traffic To Your Website

October 14th, 2010

If you run an online business, it is only a must for you to think of targeting traffic. After all, you need to rank in the search engines for your business to become more visible to the public. However, the rankings change every minute of the day and that depends on the traffic driven to your website.

The whole idea that is playing here is that you get to attract people to visit your website. The feedback they will provide will become an opportunity for you to gain more visitors. Hence, that means more traffic for your online portal.

There are different ways on how you will be able to target traffic to your website. Among them is article marketing, ensuring the proper set up of the HTML tags on your page, and then commenting on the blogs of others. For further explanation, read on below.

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Internet Marketing Guru Sued for Racketeering

October 5th, 2010

For Immediate release – Please Redistribute

October 5, 2010, 2010

Internet Marketing Guru Sued for Racketeering

Promised Millions but Delivered only Misery

John Paul Raygoza was a Millionaire at age 26

Elderly, Disabled, Unemployed Victims Scammed Worldwide in Work at Home Business Scheme

California :  Los Angeles based John Paul Raygoza, and his associates built a worldwide multi million dollar marketing empire within three years encompassing at least ten different corporations with names like SuccessRate, IncFortune and MyEbizNow from Florida to Hong Kong .  Raygoza and his partner Big John Denton, who claim to be self made multi millionaires, promised their clients turnkey internet marketing businesses that would make them wealthy and successful too.  The only true claim was that Raygoza and his associates had made millions, not legitimately, but by inflicting misery on their victims who were often elderly, disabled, and unemployed.

According to one of the plaintiffs’ attorneys Dr. Jonathan Levy, “This scam is the most coldhearted one I have ever seen. Victims who were already in debt, unemployed, disabled or elderly and living on fixed incomes were left with credit card bills of $30,000 or more while the twenty something year old scammers laughed at and derided those who begged for refunds.”

Over 50 individuals, from four continents, have brought suit against Raygoza, Denton, and their extensive criminal enterprise in a California Federal Court for racketeering, fraud, elder abuse, and false advertising. The case is Mattern. v. PushTraffic , Case No. 10-CV-2924 TEH.  Typical victims include an 87 year Australian man who was relieved of $55,000, a paraplegic Michigan attorney who was pressured into “investing” $20,000 from his hospital bed, and a 70 year old Georgia man with health problems who lost $20,000 and was threatened by the racketeers when he tried to obtain a refund. None of the 53 named plaintiffs ever earned a dime of their money back and in the aggregate lost over $750,000.

The scammers would either cold call prospects who had indicated they were interested in a profitable home based business.  A high pressure sales pitch would follow with promises of up to a million a year or more in profits and the initial investment, usually charged on the victim’s credit card with guarantees it would be repaid from profits within 30 days.  When the victims turned over their credit card numbers, they often found their cards were charged to the maximum or beyond.  A written verification form prepared by the criminal organization’s attorneys followed and buried within this form was a clause that supposedly disclaimed the lies of the racket’s sales force.

Victims never earned money, but were provided with template websites promoting the scam in an attempt to ensnare yet more victims.  Complaints to law enforcement and credit card companies were deflected by the scammers’ legal staff which claimed the victims had signed a contract for services.

The California Department of Justice under gubernatorial candidate California Attorney General Jerry Brown has received over 100 complaints but inexplicably has taken no action to date, possibly because the victims mainly reside outside California . The number of actual victims of the scam is estimated to be in the thousands worldwide.

For more information contact:

Jonathan Levy, Esq.
Thomas Easton, Esq.
1629 K Street NW Suite 300
Washington DC 20006 USA
Tel/Fax 1-202-318-2406

For a copy of the lawsuit:


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