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Where Do We Go From Here?

August 13th, 2009

It has been a week since my last post, which is not a good thing, considering regular blog updates bring in the traffic.

Knowing what to write is usually the biggest hurdle most newbies face. But as I have found that as you start to write about anything, the subject ideas will start to flow.

In saying this, I have been very busy with the old 9 to 5 JOB thing that most of us want to escape, plus my obligations to the government (ie Getting some Tax stuff done). That is one of the downsides to working for yourself.

But that is enough of excuses…

I have also been struggling with a couple of mental demons that have been haunting me… It is so easy to look at how well someone else is going, and then start thinking, “Why is my list not growing?” or “Why am I not making a few sales?”

Welcome to the world of Internet Marketing!!!

Much of the time, it comes down to the amount of work you put in. How much time are you spending in the forums? When did you post your last blog post? or write an article?

I know first hand the balancing act we have with our full time jobs, then coming home to spend time with our families and loved ones. And of course after a hard day we simply want to chill out. I suppose that is why someone invented the Television…. (I have also heard this called the Electronic Income Reducer.)

I am also guilty of sitting in front of the Idiot box, but we need to extract ourselves from our habits and sit down instead, in front of our computers and write a few thoughts in our blogs, or start interacting with others in the forums, Twitter, or Facebook. (Trust me your family who is sitting in front of the TV will not miss you…)

You could say, much of what we are trying to achieve comes down to a matter of priorities. Don’t get me wrong, your family is your highest priority, however, if they simply want to chill out in front of the idiot box, then take some time out and start composing an article, or do some keyword research. Simply put, just do something that will help move you forward.

This would suggest that you know where you want to be in 5 years time…. Have you set your long term goals? Do you know what it is that you want to achieve with all of this Internet marketing stuff??

A clear, well defined goal, should be your primary focus! You need to know where you are going before you can get there. Once you have your goal, you can focus on this and be able to ignore the distractions that inevitably come our way.

I would like to spend a lot more time on Goal setting, and over the course of the next couple of weeks I am going to put together a Goals Program that I would like to share with you. This program will be derived from things I have learnt from the likes of Jim Rohn, Earl Nightingale, Brian Tracy, and Zig Ziglar, to mention a few.

This post has deviated a little from when I started it, but I hope you have been able to keep up with my train of thought as I write this.

To Your Success….

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Get Over It

August 6th, 2009

footballHave you ever noticed that everyday events can inspire you, or perhaps reveal to you a life lesson?

I had one of these moments the other day at my son’s football game.

I had volunteered as the water boy during the game, which is a great opportunity to be part of the game, without all of the bumps and bruises.

One of the great advantages of being on the field during the game is that you can hear the players, umpires and spectators (ie both groups of supporters) comments, and it is amazing at how differently each group views each decision.

As the water boy I am doing a job and do not get drawn into the comments that are flying around. (It is a good thing that everyone does not hear the comments that the players are constantly throwing at each other).

Although I have always tried to instil into my boys that you should never boo or criticise an umpire, as they have to make quick decisions, based on the way that they see a particular passage of play, being on the field, does give you a different perspective to what is going on out there.

On this particular day, I must say that some of the decisions that the umpires made were not the way I viewed the situation, and I am not being biased, there were decisions that went against the opposition that I thought could have gone the other way.

But no matter how you look at it, the umpire’s decision is the umpire’s decision and there is no negotiation into the matter. Whether we think that is it right or wrong is irrelevant.

In saying this, both teams have the same umpire during the game, and it may seem that the umpire is biased in a particular direction, but if you ask the opposition what they thought of the umpiring, they would most likely agree that it was not favourable towards their team. (This obviously explains why both teams boo the umpires off the field).

But it occurred to me while I was out there that no matter what the umpire’s decision is, you must get on and continue playing the game to the best of your ability. Can you imagine if a player sat down in the middle of the ground, crossed his arms and refused to continue playing, because he didn’t like the umpire’s decision? He would soon be dragged of the field.

Don’t stress that a decision has not gone your way. It is not something you can control. Simply step up and make the next passage of play work to your advantage.

Again this week I was in the office and overheard someone complaining about something that had happened, and they continued to bitch and moan about it. I was immediately reminded about my son’s football game and thought, “if you are unable to directly control the situation, move on and work around it.”

There are so many things that come our way that we have no control of, and we must recognise these and re-devise our plans and goals. Although we do have a great influence on our futures, we cannot control every variable, and as such we need to adjust our course to work around each obstacle.

This of course is the main premise of the serenity prayer. “Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.” – Reinhold Niebuhr.

There is a great book I read recently called “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch. Randy died recently of Pancreatic cancer. I highly recommend that you get a copy of this book as well as watch the lecture at his website, or at youtube.

One of the great quotes that Randy makes during The Last Lecture is “The brick walls are there for a reason. They’re not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something.”

Most people are dealt the same cards in life, however it is not the circumstances that dictate the result it is our reactions to them. In life we can choose to respond or react. We can choose to complain about the weather, or we can pick up an umbrella on the way out.

I like the quote from Billy Connoly, “There is no such thing as bad weather, only a bad choice in clothing.”

And that is so true. We so often grumble about things we have no control over, rather than being grateful for what we have and work with the things that we can control.

There is a line in the song My Thanksgiving by Don Henley, which goes “Have you noticed that an angry man, can only get so far. Until he reconciles the way he thinks things ought to be, with the way things are.”

So rather than complain, act! Take action to turn the situation around to something that you can control.

At the end of the day it is all a matter of attitude, as has been said by many people before me. But that is a subject for another day.

Circumstances happen to all of us. But we need to learn to respond and not react, if we wish to succeed.


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My Son’s School Project

August 1st, 2009

I just thought I would share with you a school project my son put together.

It could be a great idea for those that are participating in the 90 Day Challenge….

For those that are interested, my son is the singer.

I should also point out… The boys are miming this. (It is actually a Linkin Park song)


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What A Lizard Taught Me About Internet Marketing

August 1st, 2009

LizardToday, while out on a walk, I paused for a few minutes to “converse” with a lizard. I noticed the tiny lizard (less than 6 inches long) sitting in a pile of branches on the side of the trail that I frequently walk. As I moved closer, the lizard looked up at me… as if to say “I see you but realize that you are no threat.” I said out loud, you’re a wise creature, and I suspect that God put you here to teach me a lesson. “Watch and learn” the lizard said. So, I sat down less than a foot from the lizard and he continued to teach me.

The lizard slowly inched forward, taking two steps at the most, towards some target that I didn’t notice. Periodically he’d glance over at me with one of his eyes to make sure I was still watching. After about 15 minutes of this, he lunged forward and grabbed a winged insect.  I’m not sure what it was though it looked akin to a grasshopper. The lizard slowly swallowed his lunch whole, then said to me, “Did you get it?” Shaking my head, I said “No.”

The lizard said, “Most of you internet marketers teach people to take massive action, and that that is  the secret to success. Not everyone can take massive action for various reasons, and so you need an answer for those people too.” As I reflected upon the lizard’s message, I understood. This tiny creature was incapable of soaring like an eagle, or even traveling many miles in a day.  I suspect that traveling even 1 mile would exhaust it.

The lizard taught me that, for some people, the key is NOT massive action, but consistently taking just 1 or 2 steps at a time – making sure that the steps are in the right direction. That lizard taught me that for many people, the key wasn’t making $1000 per day, but making just $100 per day. After all, that’s $3000 per month, and will get many people over the hump.

That lizard taught me that many people don’t even WANT to make $10,000 per month. They just want to help with the mortgage or car payment, and maybe save up for a college fund. The lizard sensed that I understood. At least I convinced myself that he did.  I thanked my worthy teach, got up and finished off my walk. As I arrived back at my home, I realized that now more than ever, it’s my job get people to read the ebook that I helped co-author along with 18 others. That ebook is titled “20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online” and teaches exactly that.

The ebook teaches what the authors of the various chapters are doing to make a comfortable living online, working no more than 1-2 hours per day. The ebook also has an affiliate program that pays 100% commission. You purchase the inexpensive ebook, then on the download page you are allowed to register for the affiliate program.  Then you help to tell others about this amazing ebook. You can even use this article.   When your customers buy this amazing ebook, the payment goes directly to your Paypal account, and they are redirected to a download page on our site where they download the pdf ebook.

Life teaches us many lessons – if we are paying attention, and ready to learn those lessons. Today, I was ready to learn from a lizard.  Are you ready to learn how to overcome this recession and get your internet business moving forward?
Written by Willie Crawford – Founder of  The Internet Marketing Inner Circle

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